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Friday, February 8, 2013

War against plastic baggies!!

You know those little plastic baggies that everyone uses to pack their sandwiches or little snacks in?.... Their evil! Plastic itself is evil and accumulates in landfills just waiting to suffocate us with its never-decomposing plastic-ness… I know that’s not a word but its fitting. Since I believe in the “REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE” way of life, I’m going to show you a couple ways I REDUCE my use of plastic baggies every day.

 As some of you know, I pack my lunch every day for school because the issue of school lunches is an story all on its own that I don’t feel like getting into right now. The usual things I pack for lunch include soup, tofu scramble, egg salad, or beans and rice. (If you want any recipes to anything just comment below) I also pack trail mix and dried fruit for bus trips or after school activities. It is for these little snacks that I created a wonderful little baggie made from reusable material and waterproof lining. I love my little baggie and I’ve made plenty as gifts for friends and family members. You can pick up reusable sandwich bags at practically any kitchen store or even online. Their not only good for the environment, but they also come in lots of cute designs and sizes. Another feasible alternative to plastic baggies are what I’ve come to know as “the snap on lid containers.” I’ve got about 5 of these, all ranging in size from big to small. I like to use the big one as a storage container for left overs and the little one for trail mix when I can’t find my trail mix baggie. Their easily washable, durable, and cheap. Think of all the money you can save by not buying plastic baggies every week and using a great reusable container instead!

Of course, some people are extremely hard headed and can’t grasp the idea of giving up plastic bags. Some like the idea of just packing their lunch in a plastic baggie and then filling it with trash so that they can just throw it out when their done eating, (this makes me cringe, seriously.) If you’re not open minded to the idea of reusing or taking that extra time to wash out a small container every day, then I really question why you’re reading this post in the first place.

As a last resort, if you REALLY must use plastic bags, then I implore you, at least reuse the plastic baggie a couple times. If it’s dirty or sticky then by all means, wash it!! (You CAN do that you know) it’s a pain in the butt but hey, at least you’re trying right?

So yeah…. I hope your taking what I’ve written to heart and making plans to run out to buy some reusable bags and containers. On top of that I hope your planning on actually using them haha! If you want, I can write an instructional post on how to make a reusable baggie, it’s actually not that difficult!!

*don’t you just love my little trail mix bag? I look soooooo cool at school when I eat trail mix out of it lol:D