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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The philosophy of happiness #1 (first of many more to come no doubt)

The philosophy of happiness #1 (first of many more to come no doubt)

What is happiness? Is it a feeling? Is it a way of life? Is it a condition? Well, it’s all of those things and more. Everyone may perceive it differently but it’s no secret that everyone searches for it and craves it like they crave food and water. People go about finding happiness in their own way. Some find happiness in shopping or drugs, others find it in other materialistic and superficial ways. This, however, is NOT the way to pure, complete peace of mind and contentment. It’s taken me a while to become content with my life and find true happiness. I too used to shop excessively and as a result I was sad and I felt empty inside. It was one morning when I decided that I would stop my compulsive shopping, rid myself of all the material things holding me down, and start fresh. What I discovered after that changed my life for the better and I would like to tell you how you too can find true happiness. It all simmers down into one simple concept…. Simplicity and love.

There’s a reason monks are happy and content. There’s a reason why people can be poor but not be down about it. There’s a reason many millionaires sit in their mansions with their clothes and their money and not feel any satisfaction. It’s because you start to realize that you can’t come to depend on materialistic things to make you feel complete. The day you let go of all the lifeless objects you hold on to, the more you’ll start to recognize the things that lift your spirits up and fill you up with a feeling of love and truth. You open your eyes to your family, your friends, nature, pets and so much more. The happiness you feel when you hug a loved one is not a fake, superficial, temporary happiness, it’s for real. I’ve come to the point where I can look at my little sister laughing and running around and feel on top of the world. No $200 purse or perfume was ever able to give me that same feeling.

Not only have I accepted the fact that money and objects have no soul and love, I’ve also come to the conclusion that we need to live in the moment.Now! This very second in time. We need to stop looking forward to the future and think that some other time will be better than the time we have now. Think about how many people say “don’t worry, tomorrow will be a better day” or “I cannot wait till next year, I’ll be so much happier then.” Why have we come to depend on future dates to excite us or keep us going? It’s because we refuse to come in contact with our present day feelings and emotions.

I present you all with a challenge. Look deep inside your soul right now and ask yourselves, am I happy? If you answered yes, then I’m happy for you. If you answered no, please take some time to consider what I have written and I assure you, things will get better  find love, give love, and let go of all that’s blocking your heart. Live in the moment and appreciate every minute of your existence.

-Gloria W.


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