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Monday, March 18, 2013

My rant against the NRA, gun violence, and guns in general.

My rant about the NRA, gun violence, and guns in general.

*warning: this might get prettyyyy radical. Read at your own discretion.


                First of all, you need to know one thing. Actually no, make that two things. I love Rolling Stone magazine, and I hate guns and ignorant people.

                That being said, Rolling Stone has just recently come out with some mind-blowing, brutally honest, and completely amazing articles pertaining to our nation’s current crisis concerning gun violence. One article that I just read, titled “The Gun Industry’s Deadly Addiction” was one of the best written articles I’ve ever read in my entire life. It was all about how gun industries are trying make money and continue to maintain a steady supply of buyers. That old generation of old white southern gun buyers is basically dying out and suddenly gun makers and sellers are faced with a serious problem, who to sell to. What’s so incredibly thick and ignorant of them is that their solution to that exact problem is to target young children and criminals. Let’s face it; those modern video games that all the kids and teens are playing nowadays are extremely violent, graphic, and overall disgusting. A while ago I stepped into my brother’s room and was HORRIFIED at the images that were pouring out of my brothers TV screen. Bloody Nazi zombies. My brother was fixated on the game and telling me about every single type of gun that could be used to kill the zombies, names and all…… after I left his room I didn’t give the whole situation much thought till recently I overheard a conversation between him and my father. It turns out my bro had asked my dad for a couple of air soft guns for his birthday. When asked what he thought about the general safety of his request, he replied, “Its ok, my friends and I will be wearing safety glasses.”

                Safety glasses or no glasses, nothing compares to the damage that has been caused to his growing mind and imagination. The thought of holding a gun and shooting it gets his blood flowing. He, and thousands and thousands of other boys have had their innocence corrupted by the idea of power and killing. No longer are we talking about conventional deer and turkey shotguns that was were used long ago, we’re talking modern, military-like weaponry used to kill mass amounts of people quickly and efficiently.  This is the image that the gun industry has been forcing into the minds of our young generation.

                It’s absolutely mind boggling that a grown adult can see these video games, learn about what happened in that recent elementary school killing, hear about what happened at the batman movie premier, watch a few episodes of Dooms Day Peppers, and STILL say that there shouldn’t be background checks on those buying guns or that lethal weapons such as AR-15’s should continue to be sold. What also gets me are those people who automatically bring up the 2nd amendment, right to bear arms. If you defend that amendment, you might as well write up a 2nd ½ amendment, right to kill and destroy, because that’s EXACTLY what’s happening right now. Hundreds of criminals are getting their hands on these deadly guns and weapons and killing people. Meanwhile the hard headed politicians and governmental officials are getting all riled up because Obama wants to set some protection regulations on the selling of these same instruments of destruction. You have GOT to be kidding me. How daft can you get?

                There is a light at the end of the tunnel however. There may in fact be a victory to be won for us peace loving and anti-violence people. It turns out that a few major cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles have committed to withdrawing investments from gun makers who profit from assault weapons and high capacity magazines. This could have a huge impact if more cities get in on this. Also, the mayor of Chicago has called out to the CEOs of the Bank of America to use their financial leverage against big gun industry’s to demand a ban on assault rifles and promote universal background checks. I just hope the CEOs aren’t as scared as the Supreme Court is of the NRA. We all know the government is being controlled and intimidated into opposing anti-gun laws. They choose not to pass laws protecting us against gun violence because the NRA tells them “if you pass any laws against us, we’re going to do everything in our power to make sure you don’t get reelected into office.”  The fact that the Supreme Court can’t stand up for themselves and for the good of all people is a HUGE blow to their karma. We’ll see what happens to them all in the end.


Ok so that’s the end of my rant. Oh and by the way, my dad told my brother NO WAY is he getting any guns for his birthday. We’re a pretty liberal, peaceful, anti-violence kind of family but you know kids, sometimes they get led astray. My dad had a really long conversation with my bro about the dangers of guns and pretty much what I just wrote in this post… in a more condensed, understandable way haha. Listen I’m sorry if I sound like such a raving lunatic, I just feel passionately about making my opinion known. And yeah definitely get a subscription of Rolling Stone if you haven’t already. Best magazine ever.


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