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Monday, March 18, 2013

Reason I dont like the Victorian era.

Reasons I truly cannot stand the Victorian era:

It’s amazing how much we think we know about a certain event or time period versus how much we actually DO know. People would be quite surprised to find out what a troubled and violent time the Victorian era was. Behind all the fancy dresses, balls and social manners, the Victorian age actually can be considered one of the scariest times to be born in, at least, if you’re a woman. During a time when domestic violence and rape was socially acceptable and even encouraged, you might have been lucky just to make it to one of those fancy balls alive.

First of all, women had no rights. Not just the right to vote or have any say so in daily affairs, you were also striped of all rights concerning money, property, and even your own children. Once you got married, which was usually at a young age such as 18, all your belongings and property went straight to your husband. In the face of the law, you were no better than a common criminal or child. Divorces and law suits were absolutely out of the question.  You were raised to be completely obedient and giving. Your main purpose in life was to satisfy your husband and do everything he asked, even if that meant surrendering your own body.

No other place was scarier for a young woman during the Victorian age then the bedroom. On a girls wedding night, the husband had every right to abuse and rape their new wife. One report stated that an 18 year old had been locked in a closet during her honeymoon because she had refused to yield to her husband’s harsh and cruel demands. When doctors found out that a woman’s sexual pleasure didn’t affect her ability to conceive, they encouraged men to engage in intercourse frequently and brutally.  Not having any education on sexual matters, young girls were completely unprepared and frightened. They grew up to hate and fear their sexual relationship.

Besides the sexual abuse that women suffered, they also had to deal with physical abuse such as whippings and punches. It was not illegal for a man to beat his wife, as long as the stick was not wider than the man’s thumb. Beatings were very frequent and were regarded by society as a way for a man to control his wife, who was always viewed as insuperior and irresponsible. If the woman spoke out of turn, it was common for the man to beat her down or threaten to send away, never to see her children ever again. Such threats were the very reason woman stayed submissive and quite.

You can watch as many gold trimmed movies as you want about the so called royal and noble Victorian age, but I will always think back on the savage and unmoral way woman were treated. I thank the heavens I was not born during that time.

*yes, this was an extremely random post but I just watched “the duchess” and I felt a sudden urge to pour out all my feeling about the Victorian era LOL! Thanks for reading, comment below if you want to contradict me or agree with me, either one is ok with me.



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